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Trials & Appeals

Personal/Business Lawsuit

Disputes arise in life. They may be between neighbors, between businesses and their customers, between spouses, or between citizens and the government. At Darling / Duffy, we are structured to help clients resolve disputes while avoiding time-consuming and expensive lawsuits.

However, some disputes can only be resolved by going to court. That is when Darling / Duffy’s 35 years of courtroom experience come into play. To exert and defend our clients’ rights, we have gone to trial in cases ranging from traffic tickets to violent offenses, and from a $500 property damage claim to multi-million dollar contract disputes.

You need to have attorneys that are not only willing to go to trial, but are capable of winning the trial. Please contact Darling / Duffy for an appointment.

Criminal Defense

The fear and anxiety associated with being under investigation or charged with a crime at any level can be overwhelming. During these difficult times, you need experienced lawyers that have been there before and can be trusted to aggressively represent your rights. Darling / Duffy helps clients navigate the complex process, from police investigation, to arrest, posting bond, and going to court.

Please call us for advice on an investigation, arrest, charges, filing an appeal, or expunging a prior record.


The attorneys at Darling / Duffy handle the appeal of court rulings in cases involving divorce, business and contract disputes, personal injury, probate rulings, government zoning decisions, and criminal matters. Appeals are a deadline-driven and legal research-intensive process. Darling / Duffy is obsessive with attention to detail, creative in legal arguments, and professional in leading oral arguments before the courts of appeals.

We have the staff and the expertise to handle your appeal, however complex. Do not leave what could be your only chance at winning to someone that does not know exactly the path to appeal success. Contact Darling / Duffy.